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Founded in 1987, Andrich International Ltd creates & organises seminars, conferences & exhibitions, which are renowned for their quality, reasonable pricing and their networking opportunities.

Andrich specialises in events for the training & simulation (t3), visitor attraction (TiLE) and disaster resilience (IDER) sectors.


About Andrich


Networking events - with 25 years experience

Andrich International Ltd
10 Sambourne Road

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international disaster and emergency resilience


IDER (International Disaster & Emergency Resilience) is a conference, with exhibits, where best practices and solutions to ensure readiness for, response to, recovery from and resilience for disasters and major emergencies, whether caused by nature, accident or terrorism are identified, implemented and shown. It has also become an international network of emergency responders.

The 12th IDER will be held in

Malmö, Sweden


Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th April 2014

and will be hosted by MSB

training trends & technology

Andrich International Ltd training & simulation events (Training Trends & Technology - t3) are organised with Halldale Media. They are primarily for those who have a professional interest in training for the rail, road, maritime, medical, general aviation, power engineering, offshore, industrial, security and emergency response sectors.

The fifth “Training Trends & Technology” (5th t3)

seminar will be held in

London in

September/October 2014



TiLE (Trends, Technology, Theming and Design in Leisure Environments) provides networking events for owners & operators of and suppliers to leisure venues that entertain, inform and/or educate. The first TiLE was in Maastricht in 1991.

trends in leisure and entertainment


9th TiLEzone London

London Transport Museum, Covent Garden Piazza

Wednesday 26th March 2014

Andrich International Ltd has been creating, building and organising network events since 1987. Its three main market areas are shown below. If you are interested in being involved in any of these brands or would like to use Andrich’s expertise to create, develop or run your own events, please contact Andrich International Ltd.

9th TiLEzone London & Experience UK Reception

The new London Dungeon, Riverside Building, County Hall

Evening of Tuesday 25th March 2014